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By reading this site we'll be able to show you how to take Vimax and what will happen over a period of just MONTHS!

There are 30 tablets in one months supply. So be sure to take only one tablet per day usually after food.

Using natural ingredients means that you should not experience any side effects!

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We're always open to feedback, whether it be about the product, our customer services, our discreet packaging or delivery times. We do our best to service our customers the greatest way possible, and we always think of ways to make your billing private, ways to make your packaging private and we always make sure that a signature is required by the postman (so nosey neighbours) receive your package.

We try to offer 100% customer service and we are very confident in Vimax. If you feel this product is not right for you then we will gladly accept the order back and refund you in full. The time period for this offer is two months (no matter how many bottles you order). So there's not a lot to lose really, but we guarantee your happiness!

Vimax comes in a bottle that contains 30 capsules - you should be taking one per day to ensure that one bottle lasts one month.

  • Month 1: You should start to feel more energetic and virile, this is good it means the solution is working its way into your system
  • Month 2: In a flaccid state you should start to notice that your penis feels heavier - keep on going
  • Month 3: If you've been measuring this is the time when you should start to see some growth, both in length andd girth
  • Month 4: There will be definite signs of growth now, it should be noticeable to the eye. You should be feel virile and energetic most of the time

Is this something that could have side effects?

Vimax is produced using natural ingredients that have been studied individually to find out what effect they have on the body. When combined into this high quality solution the ingredients work together to improve blood flow around the body. Because it is totally herbal and does not contain any drugs you should not experience any side effects. We have had no complainst regards side effects from any of our customers, but we do have a moral responsibility to recommend that if you are worried about taking this formula that you visit your medical doctor before hand. We would especially recommend you visit a doctor if you have any previous heart conditions, heart attacks or angina.

Your medical doctor will know your history and is best placed to tell you whether you should take Vimax.

What about my privacy, the packaging, and postal service?

All of our billing is totally discreet, there would just be the company name and there would be no mention of Vimax Pills. We always send our packages via Royal Mail postal service and you will have to sign for your package when it arrives.

So, with our amazing free trial, using genuine Vimax products and being available World wide, what have you got to lose apart from three extra inches? We have had some great consumer comments which you can read about below - we will keep adding to these testimonials over time as more and more great comments come in.

You can read more about the legitimacy of Vimax.

Don't lose out - use our guarantee!

Our guarantee is cast iron! It's as simple as that. You may try two bottles of Vimax and if you don't see any results or any effects at all you can return them for a full refund. All we ask is that you stick to the dosage plan and take one capsule per day for 2 months. It doesn't have to be that you find this product isn't working for you, you can use the guarantee if for example you become incapacitated, or are prescribed drugs by your doctor for an unrelated ailment. We understand that in those cicumstances you'd rather not mix Vimax with prescribed drugs, so just contact us and return them.

So, what will Vimax do for me?

  • Increase blood flow to the penis
  • Increased flaccid size
  • Increased erect size
  • More energetic
  • Gains in length of 3+ inches
  • Gains in girth of 0.5+ inches
  • Noticable size increases within weeks
  • Read some testimonials from some happy customers

    G. Walker, Bournemouth - "I think this might have saved my marriage! It's turned my life around compared to 6 months ago"

    T. Symondson, Skegness - "I've been taking as directed for 6 weeks and I have noticed a small increase, I hope this continues."

    A. Jones, Durham - "It was a toss up between this and the patches. I was advised to try the pills first due to how they are ingested. I am happy so far with the results."

    M. Singh, Aberdeen - "I have been very happy with the result from Vimax, I saw 2 inch in growth over a period of 14 weeks. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone."

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